1. NOOBS guys only use this piece of shit !!!, Don’t try to improve yourself
    in MH DOTA, Improve yourself with out it, Or you will fucker if you think
    that funny, If you are not good player,,,,, Go play with AI map & forget MH
    ,,,,, MH = nothing like leaver. this is my name in garena if you want play
    with you MH z_z

  2. @Hipa30 Well virus total says it is not … you can scan it yourself and
    see or you can check the link for the scan… It is in the description.

  3. its virus map hack for dota you can download from dota utilities,search on
    google dota utilities and on the right you can find dota MH

  4. Download here working GARENA MASTER if you are sick of this bullshits !!!
    downlaod Link : /watch?feature=player_embedded&v=x4J_QXZX1Bc Thanks

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