Garena Plus MapHack 2012 August

Garena Plus MapHack 2012 August

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  1. Pls guys do not download cuz begin dumbass so i just find in Warcraft 3 Dota Super players and i check this so do not download you just a need Become Pro or like a boss!

  2. I wish garena could track people who uses this and suspend their account. also ban the creator of it. so unfair especially when pro players uses it to look god like

  3. okay people .. dont blame him for being noob
    some people want to experience a map hack okay ..

  4. guys like you will never be good at anything, except cheating of-course… what if you are about to compete publicly, then what? if you have half a brain you’de figure it out….. Good luck

  5. what you need to do is to try something else…. like playing with just pure skills instead of doing a shortcut. dumb-asses like you should always be ban!!!! fucking retards

  6. ahaha… did he just said, “Doing yourself”?! it’s like saying, you masterbate… ahahhahaha fucking retard… and his name is callmeprodota99?!! ahahah procheater is more appropriate name for you.. you call your self a pro? fucking dumb-ass… you should stick to playing tetris instead….

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