Garry’s Mod Lua Tutorial | #9 – “Console Commands” [HD]

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  1. The console command was not recognized. I had to make some modifications
    and put it in the shared.lua file. Just a warning to anyone who can’t get
    it working in init.lua.

  2. wf116, if you are playing DarkRP then you can hold tab and click on
    someone’s name and set a warrant. Then you can use the battering ram on the

  3. Hey, i know this is a bit late to ask, but how do i “applyforce” my gmod
    player? Like if you’re in mid-air, and press left click, you will get a
    boost to the direction you look at?

  4. When looking over these videos, don’t you miss school break? Dear god you
    gave me that feeling in episode 6 where you mentioned the

  5. Are you gonna switch to gmod 13 for you’re tutorials ? I mean, theres not
    that big of a difference but there are some important things. Like
    datastream replaced by network library etc and some other function changed.

  6. I saw that. HellFox used a lua script that was technically a cheat to test
    on his server while he was developing an anti-cheat. Garry should make it
    so that it checks it when someone connects to a server, if even possible.

  7. Windows does that for optimization. You don’t need 300 frames per second
    when you’re typing stuff.

  8. I agree with halokiller, I think you should make a tut on how to make chat
    commands, like press f4 for teams or jobs menu. I would also like to see
    how you can make a custom tab menu.

  9. How do I make it so if I type in console my command and I need it to
    specify a player to execute the Function for… Please let me know!

  10. Doesn’t matter if it allows third party lua scripts; you might still get
    VAC Banned, and even if it’s disables, garry bans people for just having
    lua scripts in their folders.

  11. Sorry, it wasn’t because you were actually making the aimbot, i’ve got no
    problem with that, it’s just that the bans and everything. Try asking

  12. All Bugs and Errors will be fixed in Episode 10, and like I said, I put
    that code together in like 5 minutes as a temp. replacement.

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