Garry’s Mod PAC3 Tutorial: Command Events

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  1. Im trying to make my character sit down (sit_zen) but i cant get it to work i did everything in the video mutiple times. Help me please.

  2. The pac u made before the tut is amazing I love the eyes and how the open then close the talking I like how the mouth colour changes this really is a good pac well done

  3. Hey, i have a problem. I can do a command, got it working. But i can only make one, i tried making another one with it but when i press that bind it sets off the other one, any suggestions?

  4. Does this work with url audio files? If not but possible, could you create a video on how to set it up?

  5. Hey! Thanks a lot for the tutorial! Also, your deer player model is super cute…. did you make it or is it an addon?

  6. how can i make my character change size with this ive tried everything please help i want to make a ant man pac3

  7. How to make commands toggled? If possible I would like only one button and no use of flash light.

  8. I want to bind a fly animation to the v key so when i noclip i fly but when i bind it it unbinds from noclip. What do i do?

  9. i cant get the name of the key. how did you do that? im trying to find the name of the v key, but when i enter it it just puts in v

  10. I'm trying to make it so my character does an animation when I press the button. It works, but it doesn't start the animation from the beginning. How could I make it so it does so?

  11. How do I make it so it last forever, but I have to press the key again to make it disappear ? Kinda like the cameras

  12. Dude, can i download that pac anywhere it looks awesome! Or maybe i can get a private link ill credit you for everyone that asks who made it i'll tell them your name!

  13. I have a jetpack I created, and want the flame models to appear as I jump, implying activating the thrusters to jump. What command or commands would I need to use? (I want it on a trigger when I jump or noclip, not on a keybind)

  14. i'm still a Huge newbie to PAC3, but, I've done a little thing, nothing Major, I've put a shell on my character, with crouch making the model vanish and only leaving the shell, I was wondering if there was a damage reduction command I could use in PAC3 so when I crouch I take like, 1/3 dammage

  15. Hey,,,, Ryan I tried this, the command in console gets accepted, but when I press the botton nothing happens, and I made sure the name wss correct XD.

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