Get all your nintendo 3ds and wiiu games for free (and check my collection of free games )

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  1. Spend 2 hours of your life every day for 10 days to get a $10 eshop card..
    or go get a job, work minimum wage and get a $35 eshop card after one


    After a while you run out of videos for 10 points and it leaves you with 5
    point videos. After you do a 5 point video too much, it lowers the points
    to 3 on ALL 5 point videos not just the one you played. I did the math. 5
    point (30 sec) videos are 60 CENTS per HOUR. That’s a total of 5.40$ every
    NINE HOURS. Also sometimes the videos don’t even work.

    To buy a game that cost 59.99 (60$) while making 60 cents per hour Will
    take you 100 hours. That’s 4 days (4.1666666666 ect.)

  3. if you type n3ds, it doesn’t give us the points, it gives the person who
    owns the username points.

  4. you can watch the candy crush soda ad over and over, and it never stops
    giving you points! (only the candy crush soda ad does this)

  5. This dude did not use that shitty apptrailers or whatever its called. He
    bought a gateway card (google it, pretty much like an R4 card (google it)
    it plays 3ds games for free), DOWNLOADED the games from 3dsiso most likely
    FOR FREE and put it on his 3ds FOR FREE. He is advertising about how you
    can totally (NOT) get all these games for free by using apptrailers. And
    for the wii U, you either payed for all those games to make it look
    convincing or did something else that I am not yet aware about. What
    absolute rubbish. disgusting video, all I had to do was read the
    description to know how much of a pathetic attempt this was to advertise
    that virus filled shit app. 1/10 (You get one because you were convincing
    enough for what seems like 52 people, probably just your alternate

  6. Stupid Muslims. Shit gave shit bitch! Where you live ?so I can kick your
    mama on the dot on her forehead!!??

  7. Stop wasting your time making these vids if your just gonna scam and puss
    off people you dick!

  8. This was great. Thank you very much for the tutorial. Now I can find out
    what time the coffee shop opens on a Sunday.

  9. it works very fine to me but it took me 2days just to get smb brawl on wii
    u its worth it and free try it

  10. Dude you are a trooper, for skeptical people you really just have to do
    this on your phone while doing something else. If your dedicated to it you
    could probably get a game within a week or two

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