Ghost of a Tale – Game Preview Launch Trailer


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  1. I bought the game on a whim and I'll let you know how good it is when it finishes installing

  2. I recommend getting the game, features witty humour, cute costumes and vast lore.

  3. Hey Xbox, any chance you can make Kingdoms of Amalur Backwards compatible soon?? That game is underrated and one of the most enjoyable games I ever played on the Xbox 360, I'd legit pay full price for it again, and I know alot of people would love that BC on Xbox One! Also dragon's dogma : dark arisen, that is hands down amazing, but It's getting a Remaster so I don't think it will be BC. Thanks!

  4. I just started this game and I freaking love it, great game to toke to. (Tommy Chong gives me high five)

  5. Very beautiful game. From the caption it is supposedly a stealth game, if it was an actual RPG where there was combat like Fable, I'd be all in for this game. Not to keyed up for another stealth game.

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