Ghost Recon Wildlands: 7 Skills to Unlock First – Best Way to Play


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  1. You should at least in the harder parts in the game is get Bullet Resistance, Helicopter Shield and Car Shield

  2. They were too lazy to put a tip how to activate the grenade launcher skill. Please, someone, tell me

  3. Definitely should of added the medic drone for online play. Saves you a ton in close call scenarios plus you never want to leave you cover to save someone who most likely died in a terrible spot

  4. I've noticed it really helps if you hit some warm up thumb curls and always remember to stretch those bad boys after!

  5. I think if one of my friends gets wildlands, I will definatley get it but if not, I think I will pass on this one.

  6. Best skill point is to resist the urge to buy the game straight away with all its bugs & problems & wait for it to be patched a few times & then you can enjoy the game without any annoying problems.

  7. Why is this game getting so much hate? Lol people are just jumping on the hate Ubisoft bandwagon.

  8. i am defeating this game ghost recon wildlands with ai teammates only no real human players in co op to help me at all the ai team isnt very smart though but it makes the game more challenging for me to defeat it.

  9. best skill is having insight NOT to bend over, and let ubisoft take you from behind with this sad mediocre title

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