Ghost Recon Wildlands BETA KEY GIVEAWAYS (+game intro)


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  1. hey crowe ive already fully explored the map even out of beta area with one amazing and stupidly simple glitch

  2. Wow. I thought they'd be hidden in like the files with super edit skills, but no. I'm disappoint son.

  3. the plot is fucking good I was hooked up yesterday, the game is gorgeous and very well polished for a beta, so all the people talking shit about the title looking ugly you can b3 quite.Transitioning from third to 1st is very smoth and authentic, the on screen effect when firing on 1st ads simulates very well what it feels to hav3 a rifle going off multiple times whil3 th3 stock is on close to sheeckbone, I know because I'm 6 year v3teran of both wars OEF and OAF btw, the game is smoth on this transition. Very good research Ubisoft good job, weapon sound is solid and authentic no doubt and it adds to the inmersion especially playing on ghost difficulty is the way to go. Also the current plot is base in a real situation to top it off. Thanks ubisoft as a fan of the series I'm not disappointed at all.

  4. el sueno souns like a meme when i fight him im gunna cut off his ear and make a souvenire necalace oh and canoe him haha on second thought il just cut of his head and put it in a jar like on that show futurama haha

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