Ghost Recon Wildlands – Closed BETA Key Giveaway *UPDATE*


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Free ghostreconwildlandskey is ready for download

Ghost Recon Wildlands – Closed BETA Key Giveaway *UPDATE*was extracted from


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  1. Got into the beta! Thanks for the emotional support N7Kate. Hoping your channel grows well like it should! Keep making amazing videos!

  2. Update DJ Aryan replied to my comments and has claimed the last code, so that's it. Wish you all the best of luck in getting a code, if Ubisoft reply to my email with more codes I will choose from the list below and let you all know. will be uploading some Ghost Recon Wildlands videos over the weekend, please check them out. Happy Gaming Everyone!

  3. Hello im new i never ever see your videos but i love ghost recon games a play every single ghost recon game and i want try. I was registred in December at two uplay acc and i dont get this key all my friends have one and i dont have luck but i hope luck will find me now th (and i dont know my uplay name but here is my e-mail if you read this im watching it every single minut if i dont get the key :))

  4. hi there I am in a complicated predicament where my friend gave his codes to me and my friends however he sent it to the wrong uplay account and I cannot get mine. if you can help my PSN is AdoptedBySamurai and my uplay is Z5phantom5Z

  5. Can I have a code please I really want to play ghost recon And my uplay user name is police162015

  6. I'm so so hyped about the game and still would love a beta code my Uplay is supersonic1102and my PSN is supersonic1102

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