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  1. I just bought the deluxe but I didn't have the original game on ps4 do I have to buy both???

  2. Standard verses the Deluxe IS A HUUUUGE DIFFERENCE. I bought the Standard at first. Loved the game…I downloaded the DELUXE VERSION off the Xbox Store. The Deluxe Version has way better Graphics…which I think is bullshat. It also RAISED THE PRICE FOR UPGRADES…I was $25 short for the aircraft upgrade which was $4000…after I downloaded the Deluxe version the cost went up to $7000…wich made me $3025 short which pi$$ed me off. Just an fyi to those that have the STANDARD ADDITION XBOX ONE DISK GAME.

  3. If people are interested right now ; you can find the gold edition at the price of the regular "stock" game on Instant Gaming (and the base game for 20€ less).

  4. Anyone els get a bonus code with the game that you can only put in on a computer and not console if so what is it so I can see if it worth the effort to login to my Ubisoft account

  5. idk if i should get the 60 bucks and later ill get the season pass because im getting it on disc

  6. I can't find the huntsman outfit it's not in the player customisation how do you find it ?

  7. I just received the north American version of Deluxe Edition, and to my disappointment it doesn't come with a map or Soundtrack.

  8. I bought the gold edition of the game on the PS4 and I woke up this morning looking for the download and it said I already own the deluxe edition so does that mean that I have to download the deluxe first then the gold or I just don't get the gold

  9. I'm getting the gold addition and pre-odering it I can't until it's because I had the beta

  10. Deluxe pack! & digital not CD.Don't destroy your ps4 in out in out cd all the F** time.

  11. I'm going to buy the Ghost recon GOLD edition, but should I buy the Digital version or the disk????? Thanks for the help. Look I'm an Intel Marine. Of Course I'm going to buy it….

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