Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC Expansions! Wildlands Preorder Bonus & Collector’s Editions!


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  1. one of my friends buyed the gold edition but he didn't get the expansions can someone tell me why

  2. After 19 hours of playing with pure shitty news article reviewers/youtubers, THIS IS what The Division was supposed to be.
    It is EXTREMELY clear now how much this game and the mechanics resembles the first E3 gameplay trailer of The Division.
    From actually exploring the world and finding weapon loot boxes located in enemy posts/villages, to finding resources and weapon parts hidden away in random places or in more enemy posts.
    Listening to your team, not the people you play with, but your in game characters talk to each other.
    Not only that but they are so alive, whether playing solo or with people, your in game characters are aware of what the hell you see and what you do during infiltrating an enemy post and surveying the area or under enemy fire or spotting an enemy that you didn't even notice.
    That most times you feel like you truly are immersed in the game because they just start talking to each other on what they see and what they are doing.
    With very well voice acting in a game you didn't even think would need it, gorgeous graphics on both my PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, it's just…
    It is like a smack in the face to the developers of The Division and it is very clear now why The Division Year 2 will not begin development after 3 – 4 years from now after they complete The Avatar game that they announced that is currently in development.
    It really is the non apocalyptic version of The Division, except no grinding, and this is actually a real open world rpg shooter.
    Overall, fuck the embargo. I give this piece of shit from Ubisoft an, A-.
    Trust me, if you began to hate or dislike Ubisoft games or not want to get your hopes up.
    Don't worry, they knew better than to not fuck up one of their oldest/best IP, Ghost Recon.
    They did your boy Tom Clancy good, that's all I wanted to say.
    Fight me Ubisoft.
    Yes… The driving is still wonky.
    Maybe a day one patch will help, doubt it though.

  3. please reply
    what is cheaper both being pre order the deluxe edition and then buying season pass or gold edition

  4. on the fence I want the game I'll get the game don't know if I want to go gold or deluxe 2 expansion dont seem like a lot for 30 bucks

  5. Im thinking right now should i buy delux edition i dont have enough money for gold edition but also dont want only the game

  6. Just ordered the gold edition and am so stoked for this game. Don't think I've ever been THIS excited before!

    I think the Gold Edition does come with everything shown from the deluxe plus the season pass as well…

  7. I hope we can still get the region locked stuff by getting it shipped over or it gets unregion locked but anyways great vid ampy

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