Ghost Recon Wildlands – Dogtown – Episode 3 Ghost Recon Wildlands Gameplay


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  1. when I got this I ended up playing 7 hrs and I didn't even finish Itacua, open world is awesome

  2. The voice acting is so bad. The bit where the guy describing torture especially sounds like the random friend you ask to do voice work for your highschool project. >_>

  3. I regularly give shit to my AF buddies and that comment about the Air Force commendation was just perfect. Actually made me laugh a bit.

  4. NOW NEW GTWastelands – live your dream and "commandeer" each and any vehicle you like ^^ 😀

  5. a little info for SplatterCat – The LMG and Most snipers can shoot through brick walls and sniper tower steel.

  6. In the beta, and maybe not in the release, you can tell if there are enemies you have not seen in the area by the red heatmap element on the minimap. From what I remember, if you scope everyone out first with the drone, binoculars, or scope and mark them all, the red heatmap radius around the area will go away.

  7. Review of this game was just released in both Metacritic and Opencritic. For now(3:30 AM, March 6th), its 84/100 in opencritic and and 86/100 in metactritic. This may change due time, but its starting kanda okay, I guess.

    "update at 3:50am:" it is now 84 out of 100 in metacritic as well, and I am not going to keep the score any more

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