Ghost Recon Wildlands Hilarious glitches and funny moments!


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  1. In the beta i had one where on my brothers screen he was in my car but on my screen he was standing behind the car running as fast as the car went. was on xbox and the beta would let me record 🙁 I had another one on full launch happen a few days ago. i was in a heli and it wouldnt go up or down just kept hovering upward the slightest bit. So i tilted the heli so it goes forwars (also goes downward a little) to get to the ground. I had the heli full of those AI guys that follow you around and they all got out as well. Anyways, once everyone got out the helicopter just starting flying away by floating upwards into the sky

  2. the sad part is that most of them ir still in the game now and they had a day 1-2 7 giga patch relexe to fix shit

  3. the one where the helicopter falls out the sky for no reason is cause u changed seats.

  4. Is The Plane Flying With A Broken Propeller, That's Swag, Nice Job Dude, Made My Day XD

  5. Nice Wildlands video man! I also uploaded a Wildlands video and was hoping you could check it and give me feedback! You can subscribe if you want, all I'm looking for is some feedback THANKS! 😀

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