Ghost Recon Wildlands LIVE EVENT! (50 Beta Key Giveaway)


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  1. GUYS! YouTube streaming is back up for me, will be back at lunch time and will rain codes!!! NO WAITING!!!

  2. Hi Grant, nice channel. Ive been stopped at 95% for installing Ghost Recon Wildlands, i need a cdkey could you help me find 1 ? 🙂 Thanks !

  3. Hi ive been trying to find a cd key generaton to the Ghost Recon Wildlands but i dont find any key the game is installed to the end of 95% :/

  4. i've open beta so please give me a open beta key for pc thanks…. liked and subscribed to ur channel

  5. i got an ps4 code and finally got it to work , still have 3 friend invites , so leave a msg here if u wanna jam

  6. if anyone has any ps4 beta codes to share it would be much appreciated. ubisoft name is hn_pride_12, have a last of us digital download code for whoever shares beta code with me first

  7. Join Grant on Twitch! His name is Grant Hinds its ! Hes got more codes to giveaway!!

  8. Also, watching some other live streams and they're having issues with servers. Maybe that's why they're not back. Sooooooo if you can't get on to hand out keys… I'll take one! Ha

  9. yeah i watched the whole time too and nothing. Guess i type too slow. If anyone gets an xbox key id really appreciate it.

  10. I agree with you Purple Swift…….really dumb. I was watching all morning and then some guy who just watches for 5min gets it and leaves and doesn't help anyone.

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