Ghost Recon Wildlands Unlimited Resource Farming (Farming Gas, Comms, Medicine & Food)


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  1. I've revised the strategy just a tad. I now fly around the nearby outpost and avoid detection and then land at the gas station. I take out the 2 guys there (a 3rd will appear during the convoy part) and then proceed to take out the convoy the same way. As long as the enemies are all cleared, I can fast travel right away instead of having to fly away.

  2. Brian, how do you get 7 kills with a single mine? This is the only trophy I'm missing. Thanks for the guides, they are well done and helpfull.

  3. Found a way around this and works everytime.

    Spawn in Remanzo and do the convoy there, then after that go ahead and teleport to any other fast travel spot on the map where a convoy is nearby – within that region the convoy is still active. I've been porting around the map and just destroying/tagging convoys nearby and within an hour I can make around 80k-100k once I got used to it.

    It's a bit annoying because I had to spend a few hours finding out the routes for each convoy and the nearest fast travel, but after you get used to that, its easy.

    Once you've done all the 5000rss convoys then you'll be notice that the convoys you started off with have respawned.

    Rinse and repeat the same routine!

    Hope this helps 🙂

  4. There is machine gunner , they saying i got to take it off for open the fast travel location, how i do that ?

  5. fast travelling isn't making the resources reappear?
    I'm pretty sure there hasn't been an update either?

  6. nice method, tried to do the missions again that gained me 15000 resources but they didn't work(again). So good strategy.

    Extra tip: you could use a mine to get rid of the first armored car. Also u can use the HTI sniper rifle (unsuppressed) to take out the armored cars in one or two shots.

  7. I assume this is patched in the resent update because the convoy does not spawn anymore it just disappears as you compete them

  8. Just got the platinum trophy wish I knew about this when started farming 3 days ago 😩

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