Ghost Recon Wildlands Weapon Gunsmith & Character Customization


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  1. It literally took me until the end of the game to realise that I could renew paint, so I refused to put paint on my guns cause they looked so bad…

  2. this is the most extensive soldier customization since vegas 2, and im just discovering this now???

  3. I seriously need this question answered, how do you open the gunsmiths menu on Xbox in this game

  4. They seem to have misspelled the haircut "Undercut". From my knowledge it should be spelled as follows "Fuqboi". Please do let me know if I'm wrong.

  5. Customizing character is available only for the multiplayer mode (online) or it is available for the campaign mode too?

  6. Anybody gonna go full blown navy seal style or are some gonna go badass retired navy seal in a long sleeve shirt with a backwards ball cap kinda thing? Because those seem like the only things they wear today

  7. I've only played GRFS for Xbox, but I played a lot of the GR/GR2/GRAW on my PS2 growing up…I still remember the buggy walls in GR2 that never got destroyed but splashed dmg behind them…the rocket spam was crazy lol. I'm really looking forward to this when it downloads 🙂 I had been hoping that wildlands would keep gunsmith from GRFS, though what makes me happy the most is that I can finally choose my own gender. in Battlefield and Call of Duty(besides ghosts) I was never able to. It didn't take away the fun, but It's just the principle behind it. lol

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