Ghost Recon Wildlands – Yeti Summoning Key!?


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  1. if we we could say that this Bolivian fantasy exist (I'm not saying Bolivia is not real)then that would be so old if it were spotted in 2017 that's like 2 years before the game's timeset(2019)

  2. OK, good video and great info for us too. Was going to stop for the night, but now I'm going to look for the campsite. It seems my El Yeti Ghillie suit unlocked itself tonight. Which could mean an early hunt too. Wasn't unlocked last night as several posts were talking about unlocking it when you kill and investigate El Yeti. I wouldn't have seen it, unless I was checking on something else. When I noticed it was unlocked. So i put it on and shot some video showing what it looks like. I'm also on PC, but playing Narco Road with the 3.5 patch and what ever they did today to release the Splinter Cell DLC. I think that's what unlocked it for me. I'm sure I didn't kill any Yeti of you and everyone else would know about it.

  3. Which video shows the location. Kind of just hitting or missing here, and can't seem to find the exact video that has the location.

  4. I got a question! If you are going out to hunt the yeti you need to have the yeti outfit??? 🤔

  5. Nice video brother, you know those mini yeti figures that are bluish there like 8 of them I got 8 of them and didn't appear were they supposed to be at top of the mountain were you collect them and they appear there? Any advise or what I've done wrong ?

  6. After someone successfully deciphered the disc and got the location for the 8th statue I'm now wondering: why do we have to find (collect) those statues in order to "summon" El Yeti while he just showed up at the yeti hunter for seemingly no apparent reason? Honestly I have a feeling that we are missing something. It would also be a little bit half-assed from ubisoft if we only had to wait for an update to be able to pick the disc up and do something with it… (but after narco road everything seems possible). It's also kind of weird that picking up the 8th statue did NOTHING (I suppose it didn't, I didn't try it) which suggests that we have to do something else in addition to picking up the statues IF we even have to pick them up. I might try to play around a bit after getting some sleep (3:25 am)

    I also had something weird happen when I was at the yeti hunter: I was just shooting random props because… reasons when 4 random children walked down from the mountain. I originally thought that they came from the small house at the very top of the mountain where some cartel dudes are doing… something. But upon further investigation there are no children there… That honestly was the creepiest thing I ever encountered in a Ubisoft game. I still haven't figured out where they came from…

    Also: The date might just suggest that El Yeti appeared not that long ago, again making it more obvious that it is a human and not some mythical beast that should have been around for a much longer time.

    PS: Gulasch in english sounds weirder than expected xD and the shoutout to my channel was really nice but mostly useless since I upload one video within half a year xD

  7. I hope you do hear it m8. I'm still playing and I heard the same noise in and around the Malca area. sometimes I just stand scanning the area and listening for a while see what I can find.

  8. Yes I fucking love anything about the yeti and I really hope we get a real one to kill in game with a shotgun please keep up the good work PS love all the videos you do thank you

  9. Nice clue! It's getting better and better this Yeti thing.
    I would like to be a "real" Yeti but a nice story and a sniper could do the job to.

  10. when I heard the roar I was telling you about before, it was when spawned at Malca Delta rally point

  11. hi, dont know if u knew this already but there are these new camp sites popping all over Inca Camina and they might have something to do with the Yeti since there are posts and maps and stuff all over those sites. i learned this from a console player so i had to see it in my own eyes on PC and can confirm this here is pic from one of the camp sites and location

  12. Do I need to be online to find all this stuff and hear the yeti or just have my have my game up to date?

  13. First of all love the posts keep them coming. I'm only up to the second week of challenges, due to be the 3rd, I've been hearing only what I can describe as sounding like a large silverback making calls in the background, if that makes any sense. TODAY I put my ghosts on as normal loading my last game and I was put into the ande area and within seconds I heard the loudest roar like it was right next to me. I'd love to know what it was. I have a witness to hearing the roar aswell just incase there is any doubters.

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