GI Show – Dragon Ball Fusions, Planet Coaster, Thanks To 2016


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  1. does anyone remember that hospital sim-type game that was for the ps1? idk why but hearing about this roller coaster game made me think about it, and i forgot that i actually enjoyed managing virtual little people and where they throw out their trash and go to the bathroom haha.

  2. Yes, I had Halo. No, I did not have Fusion Frenzy. Now, why do you forget the contributions of Team Ninja? Dead or Alive 3, DOA2Ultimate, Ninja Gaiden—these XBox accomplishments should not be understated. Splinter Cell first wowed us as an XBox game, not the multiplatform game it came to be. Ditto to Escape From Butcher Bay. Don't undersell the games XBox curated.

  3. Great show as always.  DBZ seems alright.  Tyranny is probably great since Obsidian is amazing, and Planet Coaster looks like a fun Theme Park sim.  Great Emails this week too, and the last segment was hilarious.  Already wish it was Thursday again so I could watch another new episode of the G.I. show!

  4. Lol the last segment was great. It got weird kind of quick but it was still funny! then kyle trying to do the like my ex wife joke came out of nowhere lol. oh and the mention of his kid lol

  5. Close your eyes when Ben Reeves describes Planet Coaster. I think someone just gave him a copy of Roller Coaster Tycoon. Lol

  6. You made my 70 mile commute home from work that much more dangerous after laughing maniacally for most of the show. Appreciate the uplifting episode after a long workday!

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