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  1. all these gay ass destiny ytbers makin theories about the auto rifle in this gameplay

    and then theres jankz

    just not caring bout anything and spraying with said auto rifle

    fucking godly

  2. 4:09 LMAO. With Christal's sweet voice celebrating while the camera is zoomed in on her running around holding a burning sword she just stabbed a guy with AND Janks dancing, I can't take it seriously. I replayed that moment so many times. 😂

  3. Hey BacKoFFmyJanKz what size monitor do you play on? And do you use any controller attachments or a scuff controller or something. Just want to know. I know you probably won't reply coz you get thousands of questions but still. Thank you if you answer =D Thank you in advance.
    Edit: What sensitivity do you use(In overwatch) And please make a set up video. Like what monitor you use and etc.

  4. Are you still going to do overwatch gameplay? Or are you going to be doing 2 games on this channel, I do like the destiny 2 gameplay, but I would like to see the overwatch gameplay and destiny 2.

  5. Dude I just found you yesterday but I love your content you got me on overwatch we should play sometime I just started comp on PS4

  6. So I had around 700 hours of the original destiny, and let me tell you one thing. It's fun at the beginning but after around 300 hours it gets really boring and repetitive. Then they make a new update and you are super hyped, then they release it and it sucks balls. For example, that one update with the SIVA shit that sucks ass.

  7. Do you think you could do the thing where you put the game you're playing in the title with like brackets or something that would be really helpful

  8. well this is very typical knew this was gonna happen you always play sniper? also when did you learn to pay sniper or where?

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