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  1. Well the tip that helped me last year was the one about who to fix your
    phone after droping it in water (The rice) because it saved from my parents
    bullying me , make me look like the family genious and also saved me from
    spending money on an other phone !

  2. Work it smarter play it harder do it faster makes us stronger! More than
    ever hour after our work is never over!!!

    You guys are awesome, at HC.

  3. The best tip for college is to ask for help which college student don’t do.
    Also find out where all the happy hour start for the best price for food.
    Lastly, if you can put your extra loan money into stocks but always it
    could come with some risk. FYI, Telsa’s stock is at 175.23 check this
    comment five years from now and you will thank meT

  4. a tip that really has been helping me in college is to get a sleep app
    (thanks to your sleep app video). college can give you a lot of stress and
    anxiety; and when you have a lot of one or both of those it gets difficult
    to sleep because you’re constantly thinking and worrying about things. with
    a sleep app i was able to fall asleep quickly, when it usually would take
    me more than 30 minutes just tossing and turning and thinking and worrying.

  5. The hack that saved me was the extension by corrupting a file but in the
    end I didnt send it to the teacher and did it legit but I was in a real jam

  6. A great tip is that you have to be active, join clubs, talk to people and
    go to readings/festivals. I am a shy person normally but through action I
    meet really great people 

  7. The different specialized ways of searching Google was especially helpful
    because it helped me a lot on a research paper I was working on for my
    English class.

  8. your rice hack saved 2 of my phones galaxy s2 and xperia u best hack
    evuuuuur I’d like and follow you but I don’t have social accounts anymore

  9. The most useful hack for me was the one about streaming region restricted
    videos. I finally had access to every video I wanted to watch last year.
    Thank you Hack College!

  10. The most helpful tip from you guys is for sure the Google search tips, I’m
    sure I’ve watched it 50+ times to relearn the tips when I forget. I’d say
    my most useful tip to share is to record important lectures, and write down
    only key, important information so you can concentrate on the lecture
    better. Then, listen back to it later to finish taking notes. Hope I win
    something! 😀 thanks hack college for helping my brother and I through it!

  11. Getting the extension on an assignment!!
    That was the borderline between passing with a B and failing!

    However, the professor did find out about it later hahaha.
    Told me resourcefulness is a great thing to have!

  12. honestly dropbox, is a huge help with classes that have labs, so the whole
    class can share files, and keep in touch.

    oh and facebook groups for your program, and year 😀

    i really need these headphones, my roommates is so noisy

  13. Going to lectures like all of them are mandatory. Maybe it’s not a tip or
    hack, but just showing up to class helps you get into the habit of doing so
    and if you learn anything at all, it’s better than teaching yourself the
    whole class before your finals.

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