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A lot of people say they want to be a better player at DBD and that they learn a lot from watching my videos or ask me for tips, however, most things are more complex and can go much deeper than a simple tip. I rather help someone fully and definitely, than give partial help that wont really solve much, in other words, I rather teach how to fish than give a fish. I feel that gives the most value, which is what I’m all about. I’ve been playing DBD for more than 2 years now, and I started as a noob like anyone else, but after many matches and pro tournaments, I’ve improved to what I am today. I’ve learned pretty much everything there’s to know about this game, but I’m not like those guys called “naturals” that are really good at something but can’t explain how or why, I’m the normal noob like anyone else that just learned everything that makes a “natural”, the hows and whys, like a formula, which of course it’s replicable and teachable. For that reason, I’m offering to those interested, personalized, private and exclusive coaching/mentoring. So if you seek to actually play like me or just know everything there’s to know about the game and all its secrets, in general just improve to that next level regardless of how advanced you think you may be now, in a much faster and almost instant manner with experienced guidance, without taking several years to figure out by yourself to get there like I did, from someone who is and has already been there and done all the work to get there, even if you seek to play DBD competitively on tournaments like I do, be that as survivor or any specific killer(or all). I’ve done this for other games in the past successfully, and given the amount of knowledge and experience I have currently, I thought I would do the same for DBD. I’m the player with the most DBD tournament experience out there for PS4 and I play both survivor and ALL killers at tournament level, as well as have won tournaments myself, so I’m sure I can help you achieve any goal you may seek on DBD competitively or otherwise. This is not a free service, this is a high grade exclusive personalized premium service I’m offering for those interested and willing to help themselves achieve what they seek. The price of the coaching already includes not just the teachings, but things like gameplay analysis, breakdown and evaluations by me, both of your gameplays and my own, to better show and teach you if necessary, among other methods to catapult your gameplay level higher at a very fast pace. If you think you are that kind of person and you seek any of what I mentioned above, just message me on PSN and we can further discuss this subject.


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  1. Honestly i love your videos! You’re the main reason i’ve improved on the game 🙂 I play on ps4 too and learnt alot of tricks and tips from you lol. I’ve learned how to manipulate the bloodweb, outplay killers and be able to support my teammates by looping the killer effectively all thanks to you! I enjoy your massacre and creating super ultra angry killers series 😀 I went from Rank 14 to Rank 5 also because of you. Hope you reach over 5k subs by the end of this year, keep this up sir!!

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