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  1. What seem to happen to me and I don't k ow if it happen to any you guys. I line my shot up then there is the connection thing then when I hit take shot I am facing the totally wrong way I have know guide line and you hit the ball our of bounce. I lost so much coinage from this and it's starting g to piss me off big time.

  2. I've noticed that a few games the other player has started of with -1 shots.. I'll try find a video

  3. It is a cheat that is done by modifying the packets between the client (game) and server) it is a little the same operation as the auto kill in the fps. This hack is done by advanced hackers because it takes a computer that makes a mitm between the phone and the server like that the hacker sends a reply to the server saying that he put the ball in the hole even if he pulls next. .. Or he sends to the server a request saying "it is to me to play" while the hacer had already played. If you ask me how do I do not know but what I know is that it needs kali linux wireshark and ettercap to do the mitm between the phone and the server to intercep the packages and modify them so the server believes .

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