GOLIATH VS THE AVENGERS!! EPIC STAGE TWO MATCH!! Evolve Gameplay Walkthrough (PC 1080p 60fps)

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  1. You don't pay attention to what is going on around you. His "strike" was a shield.

    You walk into and sit in damage meators while totally ignoring the health ones.
    Pay attention to your surrounds in this map mode if you want to destroy instead of floundering.
    ESPECIALLY when your at first stage

  2. You fucked up this one in several different ways. But the biggest mistake you made was assuming you could go circling the map against these experienced hunters, they cut you off at that second dome, and you saw them try that earlier. Further more you didn't take advantage of the meteors to keep your armor up during the fight, which if you had done would have made the battles go a bit differently. You ignored the meteors entirely, and that cost you most of your health.

    Your not normally this bad, idk what was wrong with you this match.

  3. IDK why but that Goliath skin makes him look like a fighter because the the orange on his legs look like shorts don't you think?

  4. if you want to know the god tier team, fight against a Val, Hank(both their normal version), Crow, Lennox and see how hard it is to down one of them

  5. Thor has to be Torvald no one els can be Thor of the Hunters. Parnell would be Warmachine and ape could be Hawkeye but actually Hawkeye has to be Crow, but THE MIGHTY THOR HAS TO BE TORVALD HE EVEN HAS NORDIC RUNES ON HIS BODY!!! XD

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