Goofin’ Off & Missing Veteran Battlepacks! – Battlefield 4

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  1. I have had BF Bad Company 2, BF3 and BF4. When would I be getting this
    battlepack? Yo chance another thing. idk if u do this but if u don’t, I
    think you should add your subscribers on your friends list for a temp time
    to see of u like playing with them or not. So by the end of the day u will
    have a nice friends list. Me myself I have a ps4 and the experience is
    amazing. I’ve had almost no issues at all.

  2. Do you need the prior games(bf3 or bfbc2) to be installed on orgin in order
    to get the veteran pack? Because I bought BF3 and BF4 but I didnt get the

  3. Paid for premium and didn’t get the camos. Tiger Urban is in there and is
    my favorite and The battlepack says I have it but I can equip it. =/

  4. I did find out something interesting, slugs are not very good. I don’t know
    why DICE gave them such a nerf, but they made sure no fun was to be had.

  5. How many of the previous Bfs do yo have to own for the Veteran Battlepack?
    I just have bf3 bf4 and bf1942 (wich is for free)

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