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Grand Theft Auto V: That’s how the game looks with mods on a $ 10,000 computer. Grand theft Auto V takes out all potential with mods, but also looks fantastic on high-performance computers.
Grand Theft Auto V: That’s how the game looks with mods on a $ 10,000 computer

Since the release of Grand theft Auto V on computers, a number of mods have appeared. Some of them intended to introduce new possibilities within the game of Rockstar, but there have also been others whose goal has been very different, further improve the graphical section. This time we have a comparison of how the title looks on a computer of $ 10,000 with some mods compared to the original that came out in his day for Xbox 360.

The first thing is to emphasize that the comparison is to show the evolution of Grand theft Auto V, since the corresponding Xbox 360 is not by far the most powerful console today, as the game looks really better on PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X. Once this is understood, it is worth noting that the DubStepZz PC is valued at 10,000 dollars and is capable of moving the title to 4K and 60 fps, sometimes making the scenario seem like life itself. If in itself the machine used to move the game was not powerful enough, it has also added mods to GTA V that are capable of making the experience even better.

It is clear that a computer of such a budget is not within reach of all pockets, but without a doubt the work of Rockstar demonstrates once again all the potential it offers. The ‘online’ of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ brings promotions and discounts. Until March 19, the rewards in the Bunker Series and in the ‘Occupy’ games are doubled. Rumors insist that the Premium Edition of ‘GTA V’ will arrive in a short time. GTA V. WIKIPEDIA ‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ is the multiplayer mode of ‘Grand Theft Auto’. This mode allows us to create a character and lead a criminal life in the fictional city of Los Santos with other players. The Rockstar studio has released all the news it prepared for ‘GTA Online’. Until March 19, all the games of ‘Occupy’ give twice the experience and money. In addition, the rewards of money and experience will be duplicated in the Bunker Series. The multiplayer component for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ also offers new purchase offers. Specifically, up to 30% discount on content such as facilities, aircraft, supercars and armed vehicles. Rockstar Games has won a lot of money with ‘Grand Theft Auto V’. The title has already sold more than 90 million copies. It was released on September 17, 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.5 consoles; then came the version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; and finally, in 2015, for Microsoft Windows. ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ was the first major title in the series since the launch of ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ in 2008. Incidentally, in February we counted that there could be a Premium Edition of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’. For a few hours a version of this title was leaked in Amazon as Premium Edition. As you could see some, it was a version for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at 69.95 euros. There was no more. The announcement disappeared. Now the rumors insist that yes, that the Premium Edition of ‘GTA V’ will be real. The well-known journalist Laura Kate Dale tells Kotaku UK that ‘Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition’ is real. He assures that he will arrive at the consoles as a package with the base game and the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold one million copies in the United Kingdom in 2017
There are no more people left. Grand Theft Auto 5, a game published four and a half years ago, has sold one million copies in the United Kingdom in 2017.

The data comes from the Entertainment Retailers Association, which combines the sales of games in physical format of Chart-Track with the estimated digital sales of the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE). And the figure is clear: GTA 5 sold 1,080,022 million units in the United Kingdom alone last year, which crowns it as one of the best-selling entertainment products in general.

‘What do you mean, you have not bought it yet?’
As of February 2018, Rockstar has distributed a whopping 90 million units to stores around the world, and considering that it continues to sell like churros, it is likely that that figure will reach 100 million in 2018.

The success of GTA 5 has been undoubtedly supported by GTA Online, which continues to generate huge amounts of money for Rockstar thanks to microtransactions, and which has become a tremendously popular game on all platforms. Currently, in fact, it is the fifth most played Steam game, with more than 66,200 concur players


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