Greeks The Crucible of Civilization, Ep1, Revolution Full HD 1080p, Amazing Documentary


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  1. I love this video so much because now I can learn about grease and get a good grade on my History homework! I can't wait to watch all of your other videos and get good grades. I need to get good grades or else my parents will punish me and that isn´t enjoyable I will get my xbox taken away and I get beaten.

  2. Argives of the Classical period can't consider the Trojan War a part of their history. The majority of Argives at the time are Dorian colonists from the "Return of the Heracleidae". So they have nothing to do with the descendants of Danaus and the Achaean Greeks who participated in the Trojan War.

  3. Some eminent scholars on Greek history, ethnicity, hell virtually all things Greek, here on YouTube no less….
    Greek & Hellene are interchangeable terms. Second, they are indeed classifications of a particular ethnicity. Thirdly, the ancient Macedonians were indeed Greek. Four, modern Greeks are direct descendants of the ancient Greeks. Five, modern Greek language is closer to ancient Greek than modern English is to medieval English. (Any historian worthy of the name will tell you so)
     But hey that is not the real issue here is it. After all, if it suits a particular agenda then the Chinese of today are not racially connected to the peoples of the Han dynasty, Modern Japanese have no connection with medieval Japan & the English have no connection with the peoples prior to 1066. Indeed, if it serves your interests you can distort truth as blatantly as you like. Hell, today you can pretend there is no gender differentiation lol. so why not claim anything you like, irrespective of truth.

  4. NOT HD. Looks like they got a low quality from somewhere (probably another youtube vid), then upsized it to larger video size. Results are worse.
    The story-line is excellent.

  5. egypt or kemet way better and much more advanced fuck the greeks and their so call civilization

  6. Hermes was the Lawgiver, the Greeks gave us Truth, the Gnostics taught Goodness, it's the Judeo Babylonian influence that is pure propaganda in the face of the Law, Truth and Goodness.

  7. for the start of Greece's literacy is taken from the period around the 7th century BC.
    Jacque Pirrenne "Civilisations antiques" Paris 1951 page 21st

    as the beginning of the Greek history, science takes 776 but there is nothing reliable to the 5th century! The Greeks are pushed in Homer ethics but it is obvious that this is literature which the Greeks there found .Greeks came into the unknown time and inherited Homer ethics of indigenous !
    JOHN Q: A: FINE The Ancient Greeks Cambridge 1983. Page 2

  8. Not available in 1080 as stated. Not watchable on a 52". Only saving would be that it is not narrated by that annoying shit Peter Weller.

  9. I don't want to sound like a nitpicker, but with the creation of democracy and the government they tried to bring together all citizens, rich or poor. But its sad that women weren't citizens and were excluded by politics, which spread, along with democracy, and continued until almost 2,000 years

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