GTA 5 Jetpack Conspiracy, Fake GTA V Beta Keys Warning & Rockstar Sale!

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  1. You were a bit redundant, you told me to "like and subscribe" too exceedingly, you used the word "Recommend" a bit too much, and thinking that Mods will add in a jet-pack isn't an opinion it is a speculation. However, you spoke clearly, fluidly, and very conversational. B-

  2. Midnight club L.A noire?
    Sounds……Interesting? I'd Laugh If You Could Street Race In The 50s Version Of LA

  3. Guys cmon, would it kill you to take a second to press a like button? You subed, ur a part of the community, show support.

  4. They may try to secretly try to add in a jetpack in a dlc that we still have to fund but wont be as complex as what people are trying now 

  5. (Completally out of context with the video but still about the "jetpack") has anyone that still believes there is a jetpack gone under the mountain ufo or in the building with that picture while the ufo is still there. Also the picture could also be a picture of the island and if you check out the picture with all the Easter eggs shown, the bottom looks like the three bottom things in the picture so that underwater watch's message could lead you to a jetpack or just be useless,a good way to crack that message (a very long way) is record audio of it for 1gta day under different measures (day,night rainy etc.) And then somehow try to decode it. Hope this helped in the mystery, have a good day.

  6. I think ROCKSTAR should put a strangers and freaks like the alien cor where u have to find the parts 

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