GTA 5 USB Mods Tutorial – No Jailbreak – $999,999,999 & Max Skills!


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  1. The ending song is So Baked (Original Mix) by Virtual Riot… Can someone
    tell me the one at the beginning please 

  2. This will never be for online. Your online data is stored on Rockstar’s
    servers so you would have to hack into their servers which is a felony.

  3. Can’t wait till i get a USB drive, then i’m gonna max out everything and
    get me the north yankton police car!

  4. why does the intro BLAST MY EARS OFF but i cant here you after? this is a
    great save editor lov it…

  5. DO NOT DO THIS, it just ruined my save, and my backup wouldnt restore so i
    have to start again now…

  6. Dude I’ve got problems with the black ops 1 mod, if u could help me i’de be
    happy. Let me know plz :)

  7. Which program did you use to make this video? I’m talking about the screen
    recognizer on the PS3.

  8. This is fake cuz i know how to mod GTA 5 online and offline, anyone wants
    me to mod them gta 5, gameshare gta 5 with me and i’ll mod it for u

  9. BOOM BOOM DUBSTEP EXPLODEY WORDS BOOM BOOM!!! then you hear a calm quiet
    voice saying hi guys….

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