GTA San Andreas Remastered – Mission #74 – Fender Ketchup (Xbox 360 / PS3)


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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Re-mastered Edition – Mission Guide / Walkthrough Video in HD

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Mission No. 074

Location: Las Venturas, San Andreas

Mission Name: Fender Ketchup

Given by: Wu Zi Mu (Woozie)


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox & Xbox 360, PC, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone & Amazon
Video recorded on: Microsoft Xbox 360


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  1. This mission is trash
    screams like Mrflimflam


    scrolls through YouTube comments

    heads to airport


  2. my biggest tip for those that are stuck in this mission try speeding up on the highway that will shock Johnny

  3. Ignore what the game tells you not to go on freeway. It is easier if you go on the freeway, as the bar fills up easily, and the cops won't chase you despite the three stars

  4. It's risky but try driving (too) fast on the highway and you'll save 2 minutes of the time required to complete this entertaining mission.

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