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  1. It asks me to sign in to rockstar soc club after launching, ingame. I think thats because it didn't let me install the new Rockstar Club thing – it said that threre is newer version installed of it.. what do i do ?

  2. Sir there is a problem with my game when installing and reached to 27.5 then it stopped please sir help me what to do!!!!

  3. i cant play the game when in lauch 3dm launcher it say please play the game trough gta 5. please find the solution for this

  4. when I tryry to run)"launcher", it says please run grand theft auto using "GTAV.exe"
    what can I do?? :(

  5. I downloaded the social club and my product key i s already used . so if i download this crack and paste will the activation code workk. Plssss reply

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