Guild Wars 2 – BEST Gold Guide – Farming Fast Easy Gold

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  1. Heres the video you all voted for! Gw2 Gold Guide 😀 CRUSH that like button

  2. Ive found ac path 2 and 3 if your adventurious and cauduces manor path 1, 2
    and 3 are also good to run, I spend an hour or two every couple days
    running those dungeons and cof and ta for the easy gold

  3. This might have been useful if I could understand your static-laden voice
    over the overly loud background music.

  4. Whats a better use of dungeon credits? Buying the rares to salvage or using
    the four exotics for an “attempt” to get precursor?

  5. id really ad COE all paths SE 1&3 and maybe some ascalon to the dungeons,
    all extremly fast and mostly easy.

  6. Great stuff covered in this video! Since I’m not too used to Dungs I found
    it very helpful! 🙂 I’d recommend also recommend people to learn “flipping”
    on trading post. It’s quite simple and not too time consuming. 🙂

    Keep it up! 

  7. uhm, crafting anyone? What about SE path 1 ? Its even faster then CoF
    path1…another thing – “best gold guide” ??? you know its shity when you
    see this cheap marketing….

  8. rather than farming hot, or ta id recommend Ac full run and se p1,p3 (way
    more effective than hot,ta)

  9. best video i’ve ever seen in my life, so well constructed and glad to see
    you still play

  10. yes latest rage is Sorrows Embrace Farm Box.. no tazza. this gets you 5
    champ boxes in 5 min or less with exp grp. i would highly suggest 1
    ele(might stack) 3 war (zerk) and 1 guard (wall and reflects) for max speed

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