Guild Wars 2 Guardian Bot with Teleport hack.

Guild Wars 2 Guardian Bot with Teleport hack.

I wont post this video on the GW2 forums cause they told me they would ban me if I did that again.
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  1. I have undecteted Hack for GW 2, check my channel and enjoy or add me skype: quemtecagou

  2. My new favorite bot teleport hack is the one where they’re naked and pop up at resources, gather them and then poof, vanish off to the next one. I’m reporting all these fucking bitches and I hope they perma ban their $60 accounts.

  3. Yes it’s a fucking teleport hack. The range is far beyond that guardian teleport ability.

  4. Are you sure its a teleport hack? Guardians have several teleport skills, one of which requires the sword.

  5. This is why I did not buy this game – Anet and NCSoft do little to stop exploiters in their games.

  6. How to deal with bots:Bring a mesmer with “Portal Entre” and lead him to his can be sure both bots and people using macros are spamming the lootkey which luckily also are the interact you can either lead him to a lot of mobs that will kill him or to a cliff..might take a couple of portals to travel a longer distance but its hilarious.

  7. Really disgracefull that arena net would threaten to ban you and try to hide this….im really having 2nd thoughts about gw2, they made everything so easy and casual, plus security is a huge concern with 11000+ hacked accounts and now these hacks and bots.

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