Guild Wars 2 – Hacker caught red handed

Guild Wars 2 - Hacker caught red handed

We found this guy hacking away at our Orb in our servers borderlands last night. Hacking, Flying, Teleporting all over the place. I was told after I left (an…
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  1. What’s the point in even playing a game if you’re going to hack your way past the actual gameplay. Such a pointless thing to do.

  2. If it was in PvE and a harmless exploit it wouldn’t matter, but this was in WvW, he was gaining an unfair advantage. Cheating to gain the upperhand against your opponent ruins the fun of others. If hackers can just fly in and get the orb, it’d make me not want to play anymore.

  3. Hey, I’m not the one who told someone to end their life based off how their voice sounded.

    Sounds like your the one who should grow up. c:

  4. Yes, so horrible that I’ve transcended your lowbrow-humour.

    Grow up, or just don’t bother replying to anyone who isn’t of your standing.

    Parasitical pauper peon.

  5. I wanted to stab my speakers after 3 seconds of hearing this narcissistic bullshit.

    End your life.

  6. No. You have to buy the game. There is no monthly subscription fee though, like with Warcraft.

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