Guild Wars 2 – Hackers on Vabbi

Guild Wars 2 - Hackers on Vabbi

We watch as the Vabbian Guild S P A R K [RUS] hacks their way to victory.
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guild wars 2 hackers 2013


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  1. Yup so true.. I posted a thread/video as well and they removed the post and warned me not to do it again

  2. So what’s the epilogue of this story here? Were the hackers permabanned or did ANet once again prove they are completely incompetent?

  3. Assholes. God damn it. I hate hackers so much. They took a load of towers and camps with that

  4. Lol if hacks can be used in a MMORPG or MMO it means the developers are poor and the game will be ruined soon.

  5. It’s normal practice to not name and shame on forums – but they do ban botters very well so I’m guessing all these SPARK guild people are going to get banned soon

  6. Yeah don’t bother. It was posted, removed and Psychotic was warned. I can understand their reasons for not agreeing to make it public, but as long as they would take care of this shit..

  7. Thread deleted and infraction on the people who reported the hax – problem solved ArenaNet style.

  8. this has been reported by us, and guess what Arenanet did. It deleted the thread and probably gave psy an infraction (coz i got one myself).

  9. Has this been posted on the official forums anywhere, i’d like to follow. This is not one people cheating, but an entire guild, i would be ashamed to be in it. Description should be “We watch as the Vabbian Guild S P A R K [RUS] hacks their way to hall of shame” not victory.

  10. Ещь ананасы, рябчиков жуй, последний твой день приходит буржуй. 50 на 1 это честная игра без базаров, а как один нагнул 50 это не честно, столько слез. =)))

  11. this makes me wipe a tear – people like these are ones ruining WvW for A LOT of people…. Just because Vabbi sucks in WvW doesn’t mean they should cheat in order to get points…

  12. Поржал от души….
    Но вот интересный факт, значит Ваби (красные) хакеры, а сервер у зеленых забрали синие, а красные вообще нервно курят в сторонке. Вопрос: если красные пофанились и угомонились ето одно, а если синие тупо подставили красных и в дамки, это другое… так что не верю я буржуям. Больно наигроно все снято, везде он так точно успевает и знает что снимать.

  13. вот нахера брать тег [RUS], чтобы позорить Россию своим хакерством?

  14. Smile S P A R K [RUS], you’re on video. Hey Anet staff who will be watching this to ban the players, yeah i mean players not only the player who hack but those many who knowingly stack on the portal. Perma ban no appeal. Thanks

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