Guild Wars 2: How to make Gold 2015 – Skill points

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  1. warning:
    Prices might vary after this video has been seen by the players.
    Check for prices before blindly following this guide

  2. I feel so bad I have been playing since beta yet I still have no legendary
    nor the amount of gold I would probably have by now… :/ 

  3. thanks this is working pretty well for me ^^ I hadn’t many skill points or
    materials to do it but since i’m pretty bad with money in this it did good,
    decided to do it with the arrow carts though because you make more money
    out of it, may of changed from when the video was uploaded? 🙂 ty tho ^^

  4. Great stuff! Yes the market will always fluctuate, but these strategies
    should remain pretty consistent unless Anet focuses a nerf at them.

  5. Although Trebs sell for the most, I have realized that arrow carts and
    flame rams sell the easiest.

  6. I Build a Volcanus

    It’s use 320 skill point to change lord stone and eldritch scroll

    I spend 278 Gold for another Material

    when I sell the Volcanus the price is 469 Gold

    so I 191 Gold or 59 Silver per skill point

    but it’s use my time to do that =_=

    thank for the tip, it’s easy to make some gold

  7. If you buy all the mats from TP with buy orders, crafting Courage will net
    you just under 1 g at present.

  8. Looks nice; although you don’t get skill points from tomes of knowledge I

    So #1 is a normal way, #2 is most profitable per skill point and #3 is most

  9. theres an easier way to make gold just craft exotic equips ns ell em even
    if you buy the items to craft its about 3g when you make 7 or more for some
    parts much quicker and easier if your crafters are levled up to 400 or 500

  10. dam i made over 200 gold with this lol….. great tips.. im a lil late tho
    the market seems to be catching on…

  11. Found exotic ring during my second week into guildwars in a 75 lvl area,
    sold for 44 gold -> easy money.

  12. Due to a vast amount of recent factors this guide is not as profitable as
    it is in the video. Take into consideration the prices of all the items you
    intent to sell and the ones in the process to do so. It is a nice guide 🙂
    Sadly, just after 3 weeks its not as eficient as it used to be. 

  13. Anyone crafting for gold, you have to do your math carefully. The 15% bite
    the TP takes out of your sales is mighty. For example, crafting a charged
    lodestone costs 265.94Ag for your mats (2 cores, elonian wine and crystal
    dust), and you can sell it for 306.96Ag. Sounds great. But 85% of
    306.96Ag is only 260.92Ag, so you will actually lose 5 Silver on each one,
    plus the 3/5 skill point for the crystal. (All prices right now.) I find
    it is almost impossible to make money unless you can buy the mats at the
    Bid price (the left column). My best find currently: Plates of Piquant
    Plant Food. which yield 60Ag profit, but you can craft only one a day!

  14. If you’re ultimately selling, then why are you checking ‘buy’ prices?

    The sell price, which is your profit, is almost always lower.

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