Guild Wars 2 News: Bots, Hacks & Perma Bans!

Guild Wars 2 News: Bots, Hacks & Perma Bans!

So its been a week since launch and there is a lot of news to talk about! Game Updates: Karma Exploit: ht…
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  1. Whatever retards anet is hiring to review botting claims needs a fucking baseball bat to the fucking skull, been banned twice in two days now for false accusations, wtf anet…

  2. Funny thing those guys from A net i reported the guy that i know for sure hacked and exploited the game i even send them 26 pic showing them step by step what he did and how much gold he has and they didn’t ban him, they said : thx for the info bye.

  3. It was my favorite game…..then I got banned for finding a glitch. Basically they STOLE my my money,character,and time.
    F’ck Them!!!

  4. Currently Arena Net has zero way to report exploiters ingame, and do not enforce exploits unless it gains you monetary rewards or makes gaining said rewards easier. If you exploit in wvw, you are left alone. which is why so many wvwers are quitting.

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  6. Seeing a lot more botting where naked people are appearing out of nowhere and harvesting resources then vanishing. Sometimes you’ll even hear them falling under the map. Great shit Arena net!

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  10. At least you don’t over estimate yourself. let me know when your done being mad. We can just kiss and make up. lol

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