Guild Wars 2: Vabbi Hacking/Glitching a Tower in WvW

Guild Wars 2: Vabbi Hacking/Glitching a Tower in WvW

Some more proof showing a Vabbi mesmer commander hacking/glitching through a wall. As you can see it didn’t turn out too well for them 🙂
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  1. They need to hardware ban them and then contact the users Internet Service Provider and ban through them if that’s at all possible. This could be considered sabotaging Anet’s business by causing them to lose customers. I have a feeling that laws will get very serious towards stuff like this soon. Always someone there to ruin a good game, the same thing happens to my server. Cheating is pretty bad in this game as of lately.

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  7. Very true.. I don’t see the fun in it at all. It’s far more fun to wipe them while outnumbered 😀 haha

  8. sucks, us fow are with vabbi since i’d say three months now ^^ maybe even more, i was indeed wondering how comes the map could turn red so fast, happened a lot since last week, i also saw members of this guild running around, tought they were banned since the release of precedent videos (more than one month old) anet really need to punish these guys… also, i can’t understand these guys, where is the fun in hacking? “oh damn we took that tower so fast we’re so badass”

  9. This explains a few things, there has been some random captures out of the thin air by Vabbi within the last couple of weeks. I’m more surprised it wasn’t a member of RUS since they are still running around hacking away.

  10. Yeah too true. After we wiped them here they did the same thing to the Bay keep while we were at a camp. After that they came back with more numbers and finally took the tower.

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