gZoom – Guild Wars 2 Multi Hack | Speed | Fly | Gravity | Teleport | Zoom

gZoom - Guild Wars 2 Multi Hack | Speed | Fly | Gravity | Teleport | Zoom

All coded by me (*M*), get the latest free version from any of these sites: http://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/gw2-hacks-bots-cheats-exploits/2088505-release-g…
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  1. Camera hack can exploit WvW just as the speed hack. With both hacks you can take unfair advantage when doing dynamic events, story quests, killing mobs and everything else. If there was a way to play off line, ok, but it’s a disrespect to other players.

  2. Why does it matter, I do not see how this ruins the game. This is just to help. The speed hack and the camera mod are the only ones I use. Your character goes too slow in the first place and the camera just gives me a better view of the world ANet created for us.

  3. thousands of players have been getting headaches from the game’s shitty FoV, now when someone takes it into their own hands and you complain

  4. There are rules you know.Especialy since its an mmorpg (i hope your chicken brain will understand what mmorpg means you idiot).So now you are telling me that they can ruin the game for 1.000 of others in wvw with these tools and get away with it?Don’t worry sooner or later they will get banned.Btw i just can’t believe how retarded your comment is…rly get a brain lol

  5. No, we all paid to play with ANet rules. You don’t own the game, you own your account and have access to the game. That’s why they can ban you if you use this kind of shit.

  6. nobody likes a snitch on not a life or death matter.
    they paid for their game and can play how they want

  7. wtf do you care , does it itterrupt your game ?
    as long as they paid for their game they can do what they want

  8. roflmao, community has been begging for a First Person Viewing Mode as well as adjustable FoV settings.

    Anet says it takes too long/ too complicated blah blah blah

    Coder makes a Hack, Camera Settings everyones been waiting for, Coder makes it as a side project. rofl

  9. It’s cool if you don’t put this to download. Now people are using this on WvW and ruining the game, grats!

  10. I can say for sure…
    If a I will see anyone doing things like this – report will follow 😉

  11. If you use this for map exploring you are ok but pvp people will report you you should not use it for that I’m just saying .

  12. Cool, used it myself before the Wintersday patch, worked great. The patch apparently caused it to stop working for me though.

  13. Nope not at all, I have also created a standalone camera tool just for FOV/Zoom if you dont want the other hacks, google “gw2 camera tool wsgf”

  14. Only if you make it obvious, if you are careful you won’t get caught as there is no detection.

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