H1Z1 Killer?! PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

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  1. I think that them both games will live together.H1Z1 will improve their map like PUBG!

  2. Would love to play PUBG and test all the potencial I see in lives and gameplays. Btw, nice channel mate.

  3. Hey I would love a code to play PUBG because I've played H1Z1 and it seems so much better!

  4. In my opinion, POBG is kind of a rip off of H1Z1 but it still has its own uniqueness. It will probably take over h1z1 but not over the gaming world. I still think its a cool game doe and would like a key if possible tnx!

  5. Man its actually crazy h1z1 does deserve to die idk why they decided to turn the damage from a shotgun low like wtf 😩 I died after pumping some one 3 times also arma 2 battle royal is a fucking amazing game i just hate the stamina tbh … pubg is actually a good ass game that might make it into the mf gaming word i subbed

  6. PUBG and h1z1 are way different paced games. same concept, but very different in play style. I don't think it'll harm h1z1, i have a feeling that PUBG will reel in the players from arma BR's and some H1 players, but h1 seems to still have a very solid amount of people on it that will grow. but that's just my opinion. i'll for sure be getting both and playing both.

  7. I hope h1z1 dies ,this game already has more content and its not out yet , btw Beta key pls Ill love you forever

  8. I think Battlegrounds will be a good home for people who play arma and those types of games a lot. But I think H1Z1 will still be more popular for those who like faster paced gameplay like cod players who still want that fast paced combat

  9. H1Z1 is not a work in progress. They dont fix anything, H1Z1 is doomed. On the other hand PUBG is in closed beta and is as good or better than H1.

  10. H1Z1 is still pretty shit and it's had many games attack it's standing yet it still grows in players and popularity… Only way this game will kill it is if this game is spot on amazing!

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