1. where do i send my account info and everything that involved my account? it was hacked and i got the email that told me to send info, but idk where to send them

  2. Com2Us still hasn't emailed me back and it's been a fucking eternity, I've spent close to $300 on the game. This type of customer support pisses me off, so I just quit entirely

  3. Dude don't you think there is something else to be learned from all this this? you've allowed this game take up so much of your time and quite a portion of your life that you literally can't live without it. It isn't right for a person to be so broken down from a lost account from a phone game.

  4. i enabled 2 step verification on my email connected to my hives account, also added a second email, two phone numbers to be precise,

    also enabled 2 step verification on my google play , and added a phone number to it..

    is that a good move ?

  5. I have been hacked before, I know how this feels, just keep bugging com2us til they give you your acc back. It's messed up to hack people.

  6. My two year old account got hacked about a month back and I stubbornly nagged com2us to help me get it back. All they end up saying is "Sorry, we cannot verify the authenticity of this claim." Do we just start over now???

  7. I got hacked on 24th of august, today I sent ANOTHER Ticket to com2us waiting for my account back… Good luck bro!

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