1. Just got hacked few days ago. Do you have their email so I can contact directly.? Still no response from com2us

  2. @claytano was talking to broly yesterday and heard shroudz got hacked and a few more swag members u should do a follow up in hopes to help those players out

  3. what was other stuff?? they asked?
    can't just say stuff n not tell us..
    like? bank statements w purchase of sale?

  4. Hey claytano, help me. I forgot my password sw. I cant recover my pass thru email bcos my email are fake email. I mean i just randomly type just to fill in the blank. Please help me

  5. I got hacked about a month or 2 ago and I reported it to COM2US. Over about the course of 2 weeks I was going back and forth with various members of their team through withhive on another account I made. I was sending various information and even sent a screen shot of my itunes purchase history showing them invoice numbers and everything from in-app purchases and they still told me that there was nothing they could do because they did not have enough information to prove I was the "original owner". Currently, the account is still in my guild which is run by and filled with people that I know in real life and they are helping me keep an eye on it. The hacker has changed my IGN has pulled about 3 nat 5s and fused away a large number of units that I had banked in storage. I have invested roughly 2 years into the game seeing as I started around christmas the year that this game was released. At this point, I don't even care if I don't get my account back… I just want the person that hacked me to not have access to it either because why should they reap all the spoils without putting in the time themselves?

  6. Congrats to you getting your account back. I'm not a subscriber, but I definitely will. I appreciated your vlog for hacking. My account got hacked months ago. I need some suggestions on how you got it back. I just get frustrated and I gave up. how did you get everything happened in the space given, I only have two purchases. Thanks and congrats again

  7. also an idea for a video in the future your ideal homunculos build many people question what to do and it would be really helpful to alot of people

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