1. sir i dont need any map hack or some cheats.. i prefer to use the previous version w/ just 100xp/15min and joining room w/o 5 secs wait.. that was b4 u updated ur garena hack..
    will u pls bring it back..?? tnx

  2. hey ! man ! doest work for me ! its stop from authentication ! how can i fix it reply asap / pls

  3. hey!!! how do i get in the game??i cant even go inside the rum!! it says there!!! contact you!!! how is that???? plsss reply!!!

  4. if you use this client.
    the anti- hack prtection is removed
    so even if they -ah it
    the map hack works
    and you cant turn off ah mode

  5. starting jun 06, 2009 garena has update there client…although i can log-in to rhy23 client but i cant enter any 1 of room…i think update ur rhy23 client or make a new client…thnx

  6. hey.. u say mh=noob? y do u come to youtube to find dis video anyway? sohai or something? mayb u’re d 1 who wants it but don haf it? o0o

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