Hacked. Mobile coding game for Android.

Hacked, the first mobile coding game. Now on Android. join the beta on http://hackedapp.com and #gethackin !



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  1. Intrigued. #Hacked (by +Joaquim Verges of #FalconPro fame) is a game in
    which you actually have to code to advance to the next level. Now all I
    need to find out is if this is actually a game or just an evil plot by my
    employer to get me coding while taking a break…from well, coding. 😀

    It’s still in beta, but you can sign up here: http://beta.hackedapp.com/#

    (via +Carsten Knobloch and +Caschys Blog, in German:

  2. I got stuck at the jailbreak chapter, where the given examples are:
    In: 5 Out:1
    In: 7 Out 1
    In 2 Out 0

    Can’t figure it out and if I do it with a simple if-statement like:
    if Input > 2 {
    return 1;
    else {
    return 0;

    It won’t do

  3. I got stuck at the first mission of chapter 2, the one with Input: 5 and
    Output: [0, 1, 2, 3, 4].
    Can someone give me a hint?
    My best shot is
    while var_a < input { var_b = [var_b].push(var_a); } return var_b;

  4. Anyone one got solution for [c,a,t] = false, [b,o,b] = true, [k, a, y, a,
    k] = true ?
    I get it that the first and the last one in the list must be equal, tried
    various “techniques”, stuck to 90%. One of them
    if input[0] == input[input.length-1] {
    return var_a;

    (and yes, i tried with .pos method to get the last element too lol).

  5. Can someone help me with mission in chapter “Jail break” which is called
    “maxxxx” I dont have idea what should I do to solve this problem 😉 I will
    be very grateful if you help me 

  6. Confess that this little game is more fun than it probably should be. Can
    be a bit frustrating for some– remember it’s a puzzle, not homework.

  7. Can someone please explain stage 8, killer robot, on the addition one. I
    dont understand how [[2], [3]] makes [5] but [[1,2], [1,9]] makes [3,1] and
    [[3], [1,2]] makes [1,5]

  8. Have somebody figured out how to break up strings? I mean:
    In: “abcd”
    Out: [a,b,c,d]
    Unfortunetly no list methods are usable on strings and i run out of

  9. I’m stuck on jailbreak.
    in: [3,8] out: [8]
    in: [3,1] out: [3]
    in: [0,99] out: [99]
    So far i got,
    Var_a = input.pop;
    if var_a < 2 { input.pop; } else { return var_a; } It shows i got all of them but it's only 17% failed. Plz help

  10. Omg way better than Java, assembly or C# for android, cause that sucked.

    This is way more entertaining and educative at the same time. Let’s get
    hacking with ‘H’.
    Hack to learn, don’t learn to hack.

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