HACKER OFF! Nurse Vs Meg! – Dead By Daylight

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*Update* Some of this video had to be muted cause of copywrite thanks YouTube…

Just trying to play a friendly game of Dead By Daylight when the nurse and meg both turn out to be hackers! The meg was speed hacking and the nurse had bitter murmur always activated with speed hacks at the end to catch the meg. Just watch its pretty funny😂

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  1. The Meg didn’t just hack because of the nurse if she has the hacks encrypted in the game she could turn it to where she runs 115% speed so no one could notice that she is a little faster for every game

  2. Let's say it like this to show my opinion: If I, Behaviour for example, know that someone is hacking, and their enemy starts also hacking but does only harm by that to the first hacker, I would only ban the first hacker. I mean, of course Meg shouldn't have the hacks in first place, but I personally don't care as long she doesn't hack and has an unfair advantage over the other players.

  3. Why even hack on this game? Takes the whole fun out of it. Unless you’re usain bolt and want an immersive killer gameplay.

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