1. your the kind of ppl that my our game shit thanks for being a FUCKING low life grazt on life stay off games if all you want to do is be a fucking dick head thank you any rants on this comment can find me in my´╗┐ friends
    chat s0l0man ­čÖé

  2. did he got´╗┐ jail? he uses a RAT called Remote Administration Tool hack.
    you need to download your antivirus called AVG just google it and scan your computer

  3. @Paul Vendola your retarded the cops can do anything to´╗┐ him.remember get a, life because its just a game

  4. who me? or this Australian faggot who’s doing it to my account and changed my username to gayiam you have no life dude get one´╗┐ smh

  5. ima call the cops on you for this. this is illegal hacking into my computer and doing stuff you not suppose to´╗┐ do your gonna go to jail for this watch hacking my rs account and into my computer making this page pop on my computer thats a felony

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