Hand of Fate 2 – Northernlion Plays – Oh Really? No Kidding [Episode 31]

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  1. I love the first game, and this looks like a much more polished version of it, somewhat. I miss the treasure mazes, though.

  2. Did this man just do a cover of KK Slider doing a cover of "So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast? I'm ded. xD

  3. first he started "singing" in every single last binding of isaac videos, so I stopped watching those, and now he starts here? I love NL, he is my bald brother (very old profile pic). but way back in the days, he made references to old music and occasionally said (not sang) how the song would go, now he just closes up his nose and makes one of the most annoying nasaly "slight tonedeaf" sounds, for longer periods of time and multiple times in more series and video's. please, I can not be alone in this opinion, right? I will stand by NL, but I can't watch the "singing" vids anymore.

  4. Dude, I'm here for your personality and commentary. You could do a xcom series where you lose every match and I'd still watch. Don't beat yourself up eggman I can hear the rattle of anti-depreassants all the way from Toronto.

  5. "This is an exact bit I'm stealing from… Somebody."
    You know perfectly well who that is, Eggboi. No shame in it, the man's name ought not to be taboo.

  6. Now that I know that you release the dealer during this mission… I think they got the meaning behind "The Star" down correctly on this one lol.

    The star is usually associated with power in terms of a person or object; also literal Lucifer, the morning star.

  7. Y'know NL, if you keep putting this much salt on your eggs you're gonna get high blood pressure.

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