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HANGAR BLACK ROCK SHOOTER – Daduelist – LAE – WOTwas extracted from http://mediafire.com/?53zi99hfhh15720


  1. Sorry for bugging you but, It did work for 8.2 but now, I can’t find where
    to place those files or what files to place in my 8.3 folder. My 8.3 folder
    has: audio, gui, helpers, influx, packages, scripts, and text. I don’t know
    what to place and where to place it. 😡

  2. Pues ya tardas por que mañana, seguramente, ya lo tengas y no solo eso
    xDXD. Cuando haga el vídeo tengo la sana intención de hacerlo con un M22
    Locust Tofu Trueno xDXD. Quien es tu papi? XDXDXDXD

  3. Ah, I got it to work through other means… Btw, all i need to do to make a
    music file work for hangar is change it to .fsb?

  4. Wow.. It works for 8.4.. thanks alot. btw can you make Bleach hangar,
    should be very interesting if there is.. Thanks again..

  5. Ok, do this. Download again the hangar, open it, it has inside this folders
    “audio”, “content”, “particles”, “spaces” and “system”. Then go to this
    route: c: / Games / World_of_Tanks / res_mods / 0.8.3 <--- Copy all 5 folders inside this 0.8.3. BUT!!!!, if inside that 0.8.3 there is an "audio" folder already dont copy paste the one from the .rar. And you arent buggin XDXDXD, just ask anything u need ^^.

  6. Yep, by using a program like FMOD fsb converter you can transfrom mp3 to
    fsb and after that just rename it as music_lobby_load.

  7. Is there a way too zoom out further in the hangar? Or at least make the HUD
    smaller at the top so I get a better view of the hangar overall?

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