1. no need to fail get your key
    thumb up if your got your key from there

  2. I have a hearthstone beta key that i don’t need it,who want’s it and with
    what would you want to trade with.

  3. There are 150 beta keys available at the moment
    hearthstonekeybeta.blogspot.com just check it out, I already got one 😉

  4. For 10 years I have applied with detailed, heartfelt messages when wanting
    to join beta “testing” of Blizzard/Activisions. After all that time, only
    basic copy/pasta responses to them. After hearing 2 experirenced MtG EU
    tourney players didn’t even get keys. It makes you realise how cycnical and
    pointless the whole dynamics of alpha/beta/gamma is.

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