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  2. Just to inform you that I am a great fan of world of warcraft game and it
    was my desire to play hearthstones game and you have made that dream into
    reality by giving me legit beta key
    May God bless you ………………lol

  3. The website is trying to make me go through tons of b.s it wants my ssn
    zipcode n everything i dont feel comfortable giving that out for a game but
    could you email me a key drideout6@gmail.com thank youuuuu

  4. Hey guys Thanks For The Working hearthstone beta key generator.
    I got one legit beta key with this generator.I am happy to play this game

  5. The link is making me download crap and answer serveys. If you want people
    to play this game, don’t give their computers viruses. 

  6. I have a suggestion. Instead of making us download stuff like this you
    could generate 10-20 codes a day and give away everything in a video and
    let people take them. Thanks

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